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Head Office:

Shop No. 600/B1, Datar Apt.,
Co.Op Hsg Society, Nashik-1

Branch Office

Shop No. 2, Urban Age, Behind Idea Showroom,
Parijat Nagar, Nashik-5

32 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Piya

    Good thinking and very good service when this great service will start in pathardi phata area?
    Our Visitors is not working properly. when i visits each & every page the count is increasing.

  2. Pramod Sawant

    This is very good way to save money and time of the people and to get fresh vegetable. But the need is to be honest to maintain the service and quality of the vegetables. I hope you will maintain this. I congratulate you for this service wishes you all the bests for your business.
    May be your future customer,
    Dr. Pramod Sawant
    (from Germany)

    1. admin Post author

      You don’t need to register. You can directly Place your orders using Checkout & by filling out the required information !
      Thank You !

  3. Manish joshi

    Its a good idea, do you have service in Khutvad Nagar area, close to ITI bridge, Priyanka garden?
    Also a few observations and suggestions for your website- the pictures looks nice but do you really guarantee the quality and freshness of vegetables? You should give customer option to choose quantity as a small family would not need any vegetable more than 250gm. Also you should give preference for delivery time. Add fruits, paneer, milk, butter milk etc.What about the prices do you guarantee good prices compare to market.

  4. m s deshmukh

    service in bodale nagar fame cinema et nasikrd required. rate are so high as more than wholesaler. NO SELL FROM FARMER SEEN. DESHMUKH 9689537278

  5. neeta ajay sonawane

    status of my order no. 148 is showing as ön hold”, what is the meaning and when the order is fulfilled.

  6. Dr Deelip Sonawane

    since morning I am trying to contact you on 8411000078 but it is switched off. pl keep your phone line open for people like us to contact you.


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